Rain and Cold Put California's Homeless at Risk

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Wet tents sheltering people experiencing homelessness during this past week's storms in San Francisco. (Courtesy of Coalition on Homelessness)

Rain and Cold Put California's Homeless at Risk

For the homeless, cold and wet winter weather can be deadly. Early Friday morning, on Skid Row in Los Angeles, the California Report's Saul Gonzalez came across a small group of people mourning the death the night before of a man known on the streets as "Mr. Rodney."
Reporter: Saul Gonzalez, California Report co-Host

Changes to State Rebates for Electric Cars

Some buyers of new electric cars will get smaller rebates from the state starting December 3. Officials are limiting the rebates to ensure they reach more low-income households.
Reporter: Lauren Sommer, KQED Science

Home Cooking Businesses Now Legal in Riverside County

For years, home cooks in our state have been selling food under the radar. It's a trade-off. For a lot of people, it's a vital source of income. But it comes at the risk of fines. That was supposed to change last year, when California passed one of the first laws in the country legalizing home kitchen businesses. But so far, only one county, Riverside, has starting issuing permits.
Reporter: Scott Rodd, Capital Public Radio