Some Favorite Looks from #MyBayAreaStyle

After our episode looking at the rise of casual style in the Bay Area, we also asked you to post images of what you’re out there rocking on the streets. And you delivered. Thanks for sharing your keen fashion sense with us using the hashtag #mybayareastyle!

We received a broad and fantastical array of photos — a testament to what one of the experts we spoke with in our story had to say about how we dress here in the Bay Area:

"It’s high, it’s low, it’s simple, it’s extravagant. It is so many things. It is perhaps too many things to categorize," said San Francisco fashion reporter Tony Bravo.

To break it down, here are some of the Bay Area style trends we spotted from the pics you sent.


The Bay Area may be home to beloved monochrome brands like Everlane and Allbirds. But we adore the bold and fearless way locals approach pattern and color. On every streetcorner, a bird of paradise.



Dressed Up Denim

Since the 1870s, when San Francisco’s Levi’s introduced the first denim pants as workwear, jeans have come to rule local, national and international fashion trends. Ornamenting a simple pair of jeans with a well-cut blazer or a fitted shirt is a Bay Area way to imbue a closet staple with individual flair.

Local Pride

Like residents of cities everywhere, locals love to show off their affinity for their home in their clothes. Bay Area-ites aren’t content, though, with simple logo shirts displaying “San Francisco,” “Oakland” or “San Jose.” Here, we favor insider knowledge, like tie-dye shirts advertising a beloved ice cream sandwich company headquartered in Burlingame.

More looks we love