California Attorney General Announces Settlement Against Equifax

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California Attorney General Announces Settlement Against Equifax

California Attorney General Xavier Becerra announced this morning along with the Federal Trade Commission, and the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau a nationwide settlement against Equifax a credit monitoring company. The settlement provides $600 Million in consumer restitution and state penalties.

Cal/OSHA Adopts Emergency Regulation to Protect Outdoor Workers from Wildfire Smoke

State regulators have voted to adopt an urgent measure to protect workers from wildfire smoke by providing N95 masks to protect from toxic particles of soot carried in smoke. The emergency rule voted on late last week takes effect next month for one year.
Reporter: Molly Peterson

Chevron Tries to Seal Off Their Major Oil Spill in Kern County Oil Field

Oil has been leaking from a Chevron well site in Kern County  on and off for more than two months now. On Friday the company said since May 10th some 855 thousand gallons of crude petroleum had been released from one of its facilities in an oil field 35 miles west of Bakersfield. Its own crews effort to seal off a damaged and abandoned well may have caused the initial spill. Host Saul Gonzalez speaks with KQED's Ted Goldberg who broke the story.

Camp Fire-Ravaged Butte County to Use New Siren to Warn of Evacuations

Host Lily Jamali speaks with Butte County Sheriff Kory Honea about their new warning siren created to help better notify residents of nearby fire danger.  The county borrowed the idea from counterparts in Sonoma and Napa counties.

Bitwise Industries Hopes to Create Tech Boom in Bakersfield

Bitwise Industries is a tech hub in Fresno that trains technology developers. Now that the company’s reached an investment milestone of $27 million, the company’s Latinx co-founder says this will allow them to expand into more undeserved communities like Bakersfield.
Reporter: Laura Tsutsui