Sonoma County OKs Security for Elite Men-Only Event

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Brianhama-Side entrance to the Bohemian Grove

Sonoma County OKs Security for Elite Men-Only Event

Last night, the Sonoma County Board of Supervisors voted to allow sheriff's deputies to provide security to the Bohemian Grove, a men-only complete with rituals, skits, and heavy drinking.

State Ban on Facial Recognition Technology for Police Cameras Moves Forward

A state bill to ban facial recognition software in police body cameras passed another legislative hurdle.  The state Senate Public Safety Committee voted to approve the legislation at a hearing yesterday. The bill’s sponsor, San Francisco Assemblyman Phil Ting says the law would protect privacy and the misuse of technology.

Architecture Students Redesign Paradise; Residents Skeptical

The city of Paradise, which was destroyed in last year’s Camp Fire, is deciding how it wants to rebuild. Cal Poly architecture students envisioned a re-design for a class project and recently unveiled their proposals. But some in the rural community are hesitant about the contemporary designs.
Reporter: Tyler Pratt 

Where is O.J. Simpson 25 Years After the Infamous Murders?

Nicole Brown Simpson and Ronald Goldman were stabbed to death in Brentwood 25 years ago today. And so began the saga that transformed O.J. Simpson from gridiron hero to the suspect in their murders.  Host Lily Jamali speaks with former Associated Press correspondent Linda Deutsch, who covered "the Trial of the Century."
Guest: Linda Deutsch, retired Associated Press Correspondent