Trump to Visit California, Mexico Border Today

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ACLU Sues Trump Administration Over National Emergency

The American Civil Liberties Union is seeking an immediate halt to President Trump’s use of his national emergency declaration to fund construction of a wall along the southern border.
Reporter: Lily Jamali

Trump to Visit California, Mexico Border Today

After a week of threatening to shut the border down, President Trump now claims he’ll give Mexico a “one year warning” to stop illegal immigration and drug trafficking before closing the ports of entry. But border cities like Calexico, east of San Diego, are still on edge and gearing up for president Trump’s visit.
Reporter: Max Rivlin-Nadler

Governor Gavin Newsom To Embark on First International Trip

Newsom is heading to El Salvador this weekend to better understand why Central American migrants are leaving their home countries.
Reporter: Elizabeth Aguilera

Races Continue at Santa Anita Park After Several Horse Deaths

The biggest horse race of the season at Santa Anita Park, outside Los Angeles, takes place Saturday. It’s an important qualifier for the Kentucky Derby and there’s a million dollar purse. The race will be run despite a call by Senator Dianne Feinstein to shutdown the park after a spate of horses have died on the track.
Reporter: Ben Bergman

Utilities Not Included: Renting in the Bay

We're launching a new series here at The California Report called Utilities Not Included. It's all about the crazy housing markets throughout the state.


And we need your help with this series. Seen an nutty or outrageous housing listings recently? Tell us what your rental search has been like at