Battle Brewing in Sacramento Over Police Use of Deadly Force

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A Battle in Sacramento Over Police Use of Deadly Force

There's a battle brewing in the state Legislature over changes to the laws governing police use of deadly force. Competing bills are being introduced this week.
Reporter: Alex Emslie

Congressional Freshmen React to State of the Union

Last night's State of the Union was the first for seven Democratic California congressmembers in attendance.
Reporter: Guy Marzorati

A Looming Water Crisis on Key California Water Source

One of California’s critical water sources, the Colorado River, is fast approaching a crisis. The hope is that seven states on the river can agree to share water. But a Friday deadline passed without a completed deal and now, the federal government is ratcheting up the pressure.
Reporter: Lauren Sommer

San Diego Repeals Ban On People Living In Cars

It's no longer a crime in San Diego to live in a car. The City Council voted unanimously to repeal a law Tuesday under pressure from a lawsuit.
Reporter: Andrew Bowen

A Little More Rain Could Bring Another Wildflower 'Super Bloom' to California

California's wet and rainy winter is getting both wildflower experts and enthusiasts excited about the potential of another "super bloom" this spring.
Reporter: Tiffany Camhi