California Utilities Lay Out Wildfire Prevention Plans

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California Utilities Lay Out Wildfire Prevention Plans

California's two utility giants are laying out plans for dealing with the state's wildfires, which have become more frequent and more destructive in recent years. SoCal Edison says it wants to spend $582 million on a host of measures that include more inspections and more cameras. Further north, PG&E says it wants to step up safety measures as well. The utility says it plans to start inspecting thousands more miles of power lines.

New Bill Would Help Butte County Deal With Budget Fallout

The aftermath of the Camp Fire has Butte County officials concerned about the budget. Property taxes were due yesterday, and thousands who lost their homes are being granted a pass. Sacramento Assemblyman James Gallagher joins host Lily Jamali to discuss a new bill introduced to help the county to deal with a thinner tax base.
Guest: James Gallagher

Do Migrant Children Have the Right to an Attorney?

A special panel of the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals just re-heard a case in San Francisco that could have consequences for thousands of children seeking asylum in the United States. At stake is the issue of whether those children have a right to an attorney.
Reporter: Julie Small

San Diego Nonprofits Ask State for Help Sheltering Migrants

U.S. Border Patrol agents arrested more than 30 people at a protest along the San Diego-Tijuana border Monday. The rally drew hundreds of people. Meanwhile, nonprofit groups in San Diego that have been sheltering Central American asylum-seekers since the end of October are running out of resources. Now they're asking the state government to step in.
Reporter: Max Rivlin-Nadler

Forest Service Stops Sale of Wild Horses for Slaughter

The U.S. Forest Service has agreed to temporarily hold off on selling wild horses to buyers who would send them to slaughter. The move comes after the American Wild Horse Campaign sued the agency, which rounded up almost a thousand horses this fall in the Modoc National Forest in the Northeast corner of the state.
Reporters: Penny Nelson

Romaine Lettuce Advisory Leads to Tons of Waste and New Labels

The Food and Drug Administration's initial advisory concerning romaine lettuce dealt a big blow to farmers. The FDA has narrowed its search for the source of the E. coli outbreak to Central and Northern California. A new labeling approach aims to limit losses the next time an outbreak occurs.
Reporter: Erika Mahoney

Stanford Prof. Preserves Quechua Language of Inca Empire

Quechua is an indigenous language spoken by roughly 8 million people, primarily in Peru, Bolivia and Ecuador. Today we share the story of a woman who teaches Quechua in the Bay Area.
Reporter: Hope McKenney