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Orange County Faces Federal Order to Solve Homeless Crisis

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Orange County Faces Federal Order to Solve Homeless Crisis

Over the past year, Orange County has increasingly struggled with a homelessness crisis: tent cities, eviction, federal lawsuits, protests, political fighting and a rise of nimbyism. Now, county officials are about to comply with a federal order to find better solutions for homelessness.
Reporter: Michelle Wiley

Public Defenders Challenge Prosecution of Immigrants in San Diego

At a U.S. district court in San Diego, federal public defenders challenged the constitutionality of "Operation Streamline," an initiative that represents a new way of prosecuting immigrants who cross the border illegally. The attorneys who defend those immigrants told a judge the federal program has to go.
Reporter: Max Rivlin-Nadler

Los Angeles Braces for Possible Teacher Strike

After the failure of mediation talks earlier this month, a teachers strike in the country's second-largest school district looks increasingly possible. L.A. Unified is sending out pamphlets warning families of a possible strike.
Reporter: Saul Gonzalez

NASA's Kepler Telescope Signs Off After a Decade in Space

The planet-hunting space telescope Kepler has retired. After nearly 10 years on the job, it ran out of fuel yesterday and has gone quiet.
Reporter: Danielle Venton

Proposition 5 Renews California's Debate Over Property Taxes

California passed the controversial Proposition 13 back in 1978. The bill set strong restrictions around property taxes and made it difficult for legislators to raise them. A new proposition on the November ballot would extend those protections, allowing homeowners to transfer their property tax rate to their new homes.
Guest: Scott Shafer

Classic Video Games Can Help People Achieve Flow State

Are video games bad for us? Or can they actually help people relieve stress and anxiety? UC Riverside psychology professor Kate Sweeny says games like Tetris can help people achieve a state of relaxed focus called flow.
Guest: Kate Sweeny


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