Nunes vs. The Bee: Is Congressman Devin Nunes at War With His Local Newspaper?

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How is San Diego's District Attorney Handling an Uptick in Fentanyl Overdoses?

There's a marked increase of drug overdoses in Southern California. This includes five overdoses involving drug users who ingested cocaine laced with fentanyl. The overall numbers are hazy, in large part because the overdoses are from party drugs spiked with fentanyl.
Guest: San Diego DA Summer Stephan

Judge Appoints Monitor to Ensure Safety of Detained Migrant Children

A federal judge in Los Angeles has appointed an independent monitor to ensure the government provides humane and safe treatment of migrant children in its care.
Reporter: Julie Small

Is Congressman Devin Nunes at War With His Local Newspaper?

This week, some residents in Republican Rep. Devin Nunes' Central Valley district received a piece of political campaign mail that was unlike your typical mailer asking for donations. It's a 38-page, full-size color magazine titled “The Fresno Bees: The dirty little secrets of the Valley’s propaganda machine.”
Reporter: Alex Hall

Cracking Down on Political Corruption in Merced County Doesn't Come Easy

Two years ago in Merced County, the local district attorney did what’s almost unheard of in small communities across the state. He charged two prominent local leaders with bribery. But cracking down on political corruption isn't actually so easy.
Reporter: Brian Krans

2016 Twitter Propaganda Continues to Be a Problem in 2018

With just a over a month until the midterm elections, YouTube, Facebook and Twitter continue to struggle with propaganda on their sites. A new study about Twitter finds that many of the problems during the 2016 election still exist today.
Reporter: Sam Harnett

How Do You Keep Preschoolers From Being Expelled?

Kids in preschool are three times as likely to be expelled than those in K-12. Gov. Brown recently signed into law a measure that aims to keep those little ones in class by helping preschools hire mental health consultants.
Reporter: April Dembosky

A Year After Deadly North Bay Wildfires

A year ago today, the North Bay wildfires erupted in California's wine country. The Tubbs fire alone destroyed more than 5,000 homes and buildings and killed 22 people. In commemoration, we bring you the story of one man who devotes his time to helping people who lost their homes instead of rebuilding his own.
Reporter: Hope McKenney