California Stories From 1968 … From RFK to a Classic Dishware Factory

28 min

Relative Obscurity: The Brother of Robert F. Kennedy’s Convicted Assassin Opens Up

On a June day 50 years ago, Munir Sirhan’s older brother left their family’s Pasadena home with a loaded pistol. Twenty-six hours later, Sen. Robert F. Kennedy was dead. Sirhan Sirhan has served five decades in prison for the crime. And for the last 50 years, his brother Munir has held onto a hope that his brother will come home. He lives a solitary life, and keeps the furniture in the house pretty much the way it was the day his brother drove away. Peter Gilstrap brings us a rare glimpse into the life of a family whose fate was forever entangled with the Kennedys, in a mini-audio documentary about Munir Sirhan.

Letter To My California Dreamer: Seeking Love and Freedom in San Francisco

For our series "Letters to my California Dreamer," we're asking you to write a short letter to one of the first people in your family who came to the Golden State with a dream. This week we hear from Amber Evans of Berkeley, who reads a letter to her mom.

Defunct Ceramics Factory Still Dishes Out Nostalgia

Fifty years ago, the Technical Porcelain and Chinaware Company -- known as TEPCO -- closed. It was the biggest employer in the East Bay city of El Cerrito. It made dishes that you'd probably recognize from a diner -- ceramic, thick and glossy. They seem pretty ordinary. But since the factory closed, they’ve actually become really meaningful to a small band of collectors all over California. Ariel Plotnick takes us to meet some of them.