Former FEC Commissioner Ann Ravel Talks Money in Politics, Russian Election Meddling and Stormy Daniels

28 min
Former FEC Commisioner Ann Ravel with KQED Political Breakdown hosts Marisa Lagos and Scott Shafer. (Jeremy Siegel/KQED)

The race for California Governor heats up as Antonio Villaraigosa and John Cox vie for the second spot behind front-runner Gavin Newsom (0:55), and Dave Jones sues his rival for Attorney General, Xavier Becerra, over a courthouse campaign ad (4:10). Then, Scott and Marisa are joined by former Federal Election Commissioner Ann Ravel, who talks about wondering whether her dad worked for the CIA in Chile when she was a kid (11:05), the difference between Sacramento and Washington politics (17:35), concerns over America's response to Russian election meddling (22:24), and why she thinks the Stormy Daniels payment needs to be investigated (26:56).