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Juvenile Justice Advocates Move to Strengthen Miranda Rights in Sacramento

Yesterday, activists were in Sacramento lobbying legislators to strengthen Miranda Rights for juveniles.
Reporter: Laura Klivans

Sequoia National Monument's Famous Big Trees Under Review by Trump Administration

Any day now we’re expecting a decision from the Department of Interior about the fate of two dozen national monuments. One of  the six larger monuments in California that could lose the special status is California’s Giant Sequoia National Monument, whose 300,000 acres are home to some of the biggest trees in the world.
Reporter: Vanessa Rancano

Orange County State Senator Could Face Recall

For years, even as the rest of coastal California turned blue, Orange County remained a stronghold for Republicans. But things are changing. Last year, Hillary Clinton carried the county in the same election that swept Democratic state Senator Josh Newman to a surprise victory.  Now, Republicans are working to recall Newman, an ousting that would cost Democrats their super majority in the state Senate. The recall has sparked a nasty fight.
Reporter: Marisa Lagos