'Come West, California is Hiring': State Recruits EPA Climate Scientists

California Public Utilities Commission is recruiting EPA scientists in Washington, D.C.  (Courtesy of Michael Picker/CPUC)

Standing outside the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency on Thursday, the president of the California Public Utilities Commission and staff held signs with a clear message for embattled climate scientists: "Fight Climate Change. Work for California."

Michael Picker, the CPUC president, made his appeal in the nation's capital as President Trump released his budget proposal in which the EPA would face a 31 percent cut — from $8.2 billion in fiscal year 2017 to $5.7 billion in fiscal year 2018. It’s the largest cut among all Cabinet departments and major agencies.

"On climate action, there's a dark cloud hanging over Washington right now," Picker said in a statement. "If climate scientists and experts want the opportunity to continue doing important work for the good of our planet, my message is simple: Come West, California is hiring."

The commission, plus the California Air Resources Board and the California Energy Commission, are hiring dozens of staff for jobs focusing on climate change, renewable energy, air quality and clean energy research and development, Picker said.