You Can Count on It: At Some Point, New BART Station Will Open

Entrance rotunda at Warms Springs BART Station, now scheduled to open March 25. (BART)

The San Francisco Chronicle's Matier & Ross report that, according to elevator conversations and related hearsay at BART, the transit agency will open its 5.4-mile extension to Warm Springs/South Fremont on Saturday, Oct. 22.

BART said Monday it hasn't settled on a date yet -- but that the opening will happen sometime soon.

When it broke ground on the extension in 2009, BART hoped to begin service in late 2014. The date was moved back to late 2015, then was put off again because the agency said it needed more time to test systems along the new line. Last month, BART announced yet another postponement -- for more testing and to allow installation of new electrical cables along the extension.

BART spokeswoman Alicia Trost said Monday that the agency wants to finish electrical infrastructure upgrades along the Fremont line before it commits to a date for launching the Warm Springs service.

"We need to finish the cabling work that is taking place on the Fremont line before we can set an opening date," she said in an email. "That work is wrapping up soon."


She said the agency's plans for a fall opening haven't changed.

"The Chronicle is reporting the date staff uses for planning purposes on getting the station ready -- but it is not yet clear if at this time if that will be the date. The moment we have a date we will release it to the public," she said.

Meantime, passers-by in far-flung South Fremont have noted that everything seems ready to go at the new station, located on Warm Springs Boulevard near South Grimmer Boulevard. Public address announcements have been heard. Sign boards have been lit up. Fare gates are in place. Test trains are rolling back and forth along the track.

All that's missing on the $767 million extension is the passengers.