Quoth the Levi's Raven: 'He Shoots, He Scores!'

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Item: Bird videobombs Levi's Stadium in thoroughly awesome manner

Once upon a morning dreary, while I hunkered, blank and bleary,
Over many a droll, self-referential tweet (or perhaps a score);
While I noodled, keyboard singing, suddenly there came a ringing,
As of some app rudely dinging, dinging out an inbox chore.
“’Tis a m-message,” I stuttered, “dinging in my inbox, sure;
Just an email -- what a bore.”

Quick into my inbox peering, while I sit here muttering, fearing
Yet another PR pitch, meeting invite or perhaps a scam;
But all surmises I soon reject as I apprehend the one-word subject,
And the only thing there written is the curious term, “Birdcam.”
This I ponder, quizzically intoning the mysterious word: “Birdcam?”
'Twas an email -- but not a scam.

Into the message single-clicking, with both eyes in my head a-squinting,
Soon I perceive a YouTube video that shimmers to the fore.
“Surely,” said I, “surely that's Levi's Stadium and a bird I'm seeing;
Let me see, then, what that bird is, and this video explore;
Let my attention focus for a moment and check this video out for sure.
From an email--but not a bore.


Played I then the video link, which shows, with steady, unblinking shutter,
A crow, it looks like, or perhaps a raven, hanging out in the House of York;
The NHL, the hockey league, is icing over the Levi's gridiron,
Intending this week an outdoor Sharks-Kings contest to uncork;
But look who shows up to check out the scene: Not a falcon or a stork;
Whether crow or raven, it's an avian dork.

(With posthumous apologies to the poet and to anyone else who enjoys that rhyming stuff.)