Jimmy Kimmel Turns Oakland Candidate From Nobody to Notorious

Peter Y. Liu, self-described conservative multimillionaire and Oakland mayoral candidate, whose vision for the city includes arming the "good men" in the community and restoring horses to the streets, is basking in his newfound national notoriety.

ABC's Jimmy Kimmel did a segment Monday night on Liu and his perhaps unintentionally comic stances on the issues facing Oakland (embedded above). Liu's written response to a question about "bridging the digital divide" on the Oakland Mayor 2014 site got the biggest yuks.

As part of a rambling answer in which he said he wants to give condoms to kids in poor flatland areas who don't have access to "fast ass internet", Liu said, "The lesson here is this: when your son says 'Mommy, Daddy, I need internet access for homework.' This really translates to: 'I am gonna masturbate online while my parents at work yo.' "

Kimmel also highlighted part of a San Francisco Chronicle video interview with Liu, in which he explained why he was running this way: "God has specifically asked me to bring world peace" through a plan he's concocted (and described in detail to KALW's Ben Trefny) to arm "good men" in Oakland, clean up the streets and bring prosperity to the city.


Yeah -- pretty funny. Personally, I found his take on what Oakland should do about its sports teams even more ... bracing . He says in part:

What possibly is there a "public interest" for grown men to play ball merely to distract the populace from the real problems of society?

There are people starving on the streets. Kids murdered on the sidewalks. People on welfare wearing the latest Nike Air Jordon paying high priced baseball, basketball and football tickets.

Liu said at a media event in Oakland on Tuesday -- a session convened to highlight lack of media attention to most of the 15 candidates in the mayor's race -- that his appearance on the Kimmel show had prompted a flood of fan mail.

"With only $400 I have spent on the campaign, I am rolling," Liu told reporters. "None of [the other candidates] have gotten the publicity I have. I am on fire on Twitter and throughout the Internet. My name is plastered everywhere, OK?"

Liu also showed he has a penchant for slinging some boilerplate political language along with his odd ideas: "With $400 we are beating the special interest money and, let's say, $400,000," he said.