Demanding a Different Vision of School Requires Courage

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Principal Robert Dillon calls for a different vision of school, which requires tremendous courage on the part of the education community and parents:

"The schools that we need demand different. They need to support the open and transparent world that is exploding around education. This begins with pushing students into the center of the ring. In the center, there is no room to hide. It is a place of full engagement where real questions about real issues are being addressed with real solutions that will impact real people. Different schools are real."

Read the full compelling essay below.


PRINCIPALLY SPEAKINGSchool leaders, teachers, and those that surround the work of education are in a difficult space. The demands to achieve are higher than ever, and the needs of kids, both academically and in the other spaces of their lives, are growing in intensity and complexity, while the resources are growing more narrow in scope.

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