Colorful Highlights of the Week on MindShift

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It's Friday (thank goodness), a great time to reflect on the past week and some of the most notable stories that appeared on MindShift.

Ifanyi Bell lauds the use of the color orange and the fresh, eye-catching web campaign by the Department of Education's

Teacher Katie Stansberry talks about why, rather than fighting it, it's important for educators to find peace with tech tools in the classroom. "The problem is that, in general, our expectations of what constitutes appropriate education lags behind what is possible with new technologies."

If you haven't yet, learn to text! That's the top advice given by Larry and Meagan Johnson
Adapted from their new book
, “Generations, Inc.”

What's wrong with "edutainment," so long as kids are learning, asks Mike Looney, Vice President of Vertical Markets at Wolfram|Alpha, an educational website and app. "I believe the “gee-whiz” factor is a real asset to learning," he says.

Leslie Rule discusses EcoMUVE, a video game created by Harvard Graduate School of Education veterans. In the virtual world "where passage of time, size and scale, space and orientation can be controlled encourages deeper engagement with the material; it not only immerses the learner, but natively accommodates differing learning styles allowing a individualized mixing and matching. In education, the deeper the immersion, the deeper the learning."

Sara Bernard lists a great roundup of websites that allow educators to share curriculum, ideas, and projects with collaborators across the world.