Quick Look: Chatspeak mite b EZer (or Texting Language Might Be Easier)

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Will texting language like "thru" and "nite" replace traditional spelling? Author Annie Murphy Paul explores the issue in her weekly Time column.

"While some of these Internet-age innovations are frivolous or trivial — Shakespeare managed to amuse his audiences without recourse to LOL — other shifts may prove more meaningful. Beverly Plester is a psychologist at Coventry University in England who has conducted research on how young people express themselves in electronic media."

At my house, the mealtime implement used for cutting is called a ka-nife. The joint located between thigh and calf is called a ka-nee. And the medieval warriors who wore suits of armor are called ka-ni-guh-ts. We adopted these unusual pronunciations after my 5-year-old son, Teddy, noticed something odd about the English language.

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