The Big Issues of the 2016 Presidential Election and Where the Candidates Stand

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[Click here for an updated version of this post, contrasting the views of Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump]

On the public radio show This American Life, the host Ira Glass once noted the widening chasm in American politics:

“Everyone knows that politics is now so divided in our country that not only do the two sides disagree on the solutions to the country’s problems, they don’t even agree on what the problems are. It’s two versions of the world in collision.”

There's a lot at stake in the upcoming presidential election, and no shortage of disagreement about how the United States should move forward.

Click each box below to learn more about the issues, get a sense of where the majority of Americans stand and see the dramatically different positions taken by the slew of Republican and Democratic candidates vying for the presidency. If the interactive is not appearing below, click here to reload the page.