Do We Need Another Steve Jobs to Fix Health Care?

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This article is more than 6 years old.
The Big Guy, giving a keynote address at an Apple conference in 2011. (Justin Sullivan/Getty images)

Yes, says one founder of a digital health company, on the birthday of the man who could eventually replace someone on Mount Rushmore if this hero worship keeps up. (With a little creative chiseling and some black paint for the mock turtle, we're looking at you, Thomas Jefferson.)

Dr. Damon Ramsey, in today's STAT, takes a potshot or two at the contemporary health care industry. He writes:

"With its labyrinths of regulation deeply entrenched and antiquated information systems, and monopolies built upon thrones of indifference to the consumer experience, the health care industry has chained itself to archaic and inefficient processes while resisting its own rescue."

Only Jobsian disruption can fix this beast, Ramsey concludes.

Of course, not all disruptors are created equal, one might keep in mind. In 2014, Theranos founder Elizabeth Holmes enjoyed the imprimatur of a flattering profile in The New Yorker.  A year later, one tech headline dubbed the company's secret blood-testing technology "pseudoscience."

You can read Ramsey's commentary at STAT, below.