The Psychologist Behind the 36 Questions to Make You Fall in Love

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Back in January, a New York Times "Modern Love" column went viral after the author claimed she fell in love after she and her date asked each other 36 soul-probing questions. Those 36 questions were the brainchild of psychologist Arthur Aron. In examining what increases human intimacy, he came up with 36 questions for couples to ask one another to build closeness -- not just romantically, but between family and friends. He joins us as part of Forum's First Person series, profiling the leaders, innovators and others who make the Bay Area unique. Have you tried asking the 36 questions? How did it go? What are your tips for building emotional closeness with your partner?


Arthur Aron, research professor who runs the Interpersonal Relationships Lab at the State University at Stonybrook and visiting professor at UC Berkeley