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Local Muslim Authors Reflect on Charlie Hebdo Attack, Fear Backlash

at 9:00 AM
 (Courtesy Amir Soltani and Khalil Bendib)

The attacks on the French satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo had deep personal resonance for Berkeley-based political cartoonist Khalil Bendib. One of his heroes, the cartoonist Jean Cabut, was among those killed, and as a Muslim he says he fears a backlash. Bendib and Amir Soltani, co-authors of the graphic novel "Zahra's Paradise," join us to talk about balancing freedom of religion and expression in a multicultural society.

Published courtesy of Khalil Bendib


Amir Soltani, human rights activist, author and co-creator of "Zahra's Paradise"

Khalil Bendib, political cartoonist, co-creator of "Zahra's Paradise" and co-host of the radio program "Voices of the Middle East" on KPFA