Storytelling Under the Stars at Big Sur

at 10:00 AM
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 (Nancy Dowd/Flickr)

Imagine you're lying on the ground in the middle of a redwood forest at night, bundled up in your blankets and looking up at the stars. Then you hear a voice floating in the darkness -- someone is telling a story, one of many you'll hear that night. The Henry Miller Memorial Library at Big Sur features radio stories every Sunday as part of its "Big Sur Sound and Story" weekly series, where radio producers like the Kitchen Sisters play some of their favorite pieces in the hushed darkness of Mother Nature's "auditorium."


Magnus Toren, executive director of The Henry Miller Memorial Library

Bob Carlson, host and producer for UnFictional, a radio show featuring the work of independent producers that airs on KCRW in Los Angeles

Nikki Silva, radio producer with The Kitchen Sisters, curators of the inaugural night of the Big Sur series and co-producers of "The Making Of..." series with KQED

Brendan Francis Newnam, co-host of the Dinner Party Download, a pop culture radio show produced by American Public Media