California Struggles to Meet Court-Ordered Prison Reductions

at 9:30 AM
 (Krissy Clark/KQED)

Governor Jerry Brown says he can meet a federal court order to reduce the state prison population by more than 9,600 inmates without releasing prisoners to the streets. Brown's plan spends $315 million next year to push inmates to private prisons and detention facilities in and out of the state. But the plan faces a lot of opposition from other California Democrats, who say the plan does nothing to address the causes of the overcrowding crisis. Senate leader Darrell Steinberg has penned an alternate proposal which asks for a three-year extension of the court deadline, in exchange for investing an extra $200 million annually for rehabilitation, drug and mental health treatment, with the aim of reducing the number of California prisoners. We discuss the plans.


Darrell Steinberg, California State Senate president pro tem

Senator Bob Huff, California State Senate minority leader representing California's 29th District, which includes parts of Orange, San Bernardino and Los Angeles Counties