In My Experience: Invisible Physical Disabilities

at 10:00 AM
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Lia Seth is a young professional in her 20s. When she sat in the disability section of the bus, one woman was so offended that she started yelling at Lia to give up her seat for seniors. But Lia is disabled: she has a disease that affects her joints and often leaves her tired or sometimes needing a wheelchair. As part of our "In My Experience" series spotlighting the personal stories of our listeners, we talk with people who have physical disabilities that aren't visible to the naked eye. How do those disabilities affect their everyday lives?


Lia Seth, writer and blogger who has Ehlers-Danlos syndrome

Ariyele Ressler, former social worker who has chronic fatigue syndrome

Jim Voos, former executive at Accenture and Intuit who has spinal stenosis and chronic pain

Sarah Schafer, former public health physician for the City of San Francisco and Contra Costa County who has Sjogren's syndrome