1,000 Places To See Before You Die

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Have you ever cruised through the palm-fringed canals of Kerala? Or taken a sunrise balloon safari over Masai Mara? Those are just some of the 1,000 places that travel writer Patricia Schultz thinks you should see before you die. We talk with Schultz about some of her top travel picks, and we'll hear from our listeners. What is your must-see destination?

Travel destinations recommended by listeners:

"Visiting the Amazon was amazing, too, the hotels and walkways on stilts, the convergence of the great rivers -- where you can actually see the different-colored waters mixing, caught me with unexpected emotion. And I always remember the experience of getting back on the plane to leave Manaus. Culture shock in reverse! At that particular moment especially I found, one realizes what a deeply natural and peaceful environment one is leaving and what a privilege it was to be there." - Peter

"It costs a lot and takes a while to get there, but Antarctica is well worth the trouble. Braving the Drake Passage from Tierra del Fuego to the peninsula to an otherworldly place where the only sounds are those of the wind, birds and the occasional seal." - Erin

"Ubud, Bali is home to 100s of artisans of all stripe. It seemed like everyone drew, or carved, or danced or made music. The ritual and pace of every day life was richly colorful, peaceful and seemingly timeless. This is (or at least was) a delight to the senses and a comfort to the soul. It was hard to leave and #1 on my list of places to return to." - Geoff

"Barcelona, my new favorite city in Europe. Flamenco, amazing fresh, creative food, fun young vibe, and of course, Gaudi's visionary architecture which is like no other in the world." - Debbie


Patricia Schultz, author of "1,000 Places to See Before You Die"


"The Bay of Islands in New Zealand is a collection of beautiful, white sandy beaches that are second to none!" - Matt

"Kingdom of Bhutan, because I have heard it is exquisite, not commercialized, the people are warm and authentic and i want to understand the eastern culture more." - Jan

"Buenos Aries is a fabulous city w/incredible food, sultry tango, mesmerizing architecture & beautiful, friendly people. They don't call it the Paris of South America for nothing!" - Debbie

"Butchart Gardens, British Columbia" - Elizabeth

"I really want to see Cuba before the embargo is over, because Americans ruin everything!" - Kyle

"The place I feel most people should see before they die is the Galapagos Islands, to understand what our planet looked like, to learn about adaptation and because it is a fascinating biological study of specialized plants and animals." - Jan

"Kutna Hora in Czech Public is a fabulous overnight trip from Prague! the bone osuary is truly mystical. St. Barbara's Cathedral and great food on the cheap at the "Grande" Hotel -- nestled in a working class town with medieval silver mining roots." - Jennifer

"Istanbul - so beautiful and exotic." - Caroline

"Lake Atitlan, Guatemala - incredibly chill backpacker hang out for decades - surrounded by beautiful dramatic peaks as well as ancient Mayan villages a short ferry ride apart rich w markets, art, food, varying Mayan languages, and warm open people." - Michael

"Definitely get to Lake Atitlán in Guatemala, esp. the town of Santiago Atitlán on south side of the lake - 17 miles across, 10 miles wide, 7000 feet up in the tropical mountains.. like Hawaii but more beautiful, imho, and a wonderful Maya Indian population (Posada de Santiago best place to stay, and super restaurant!)" - Laurie

"Kiribati, will always be close to my heart, real people at the brink of climate change. What is the author's take?" - Monica

"Lake Como is so beautiful, old school, other worldly that you can relax into its paradisiacal ambiance almost immediately. Besides, it's where Pliny the Elder summered, and that guy got around the ancient world!" - Debbie

"Mexico, preferably on a non-stop food tour." - Vanessa

"Myanmar gets a lot of bad press but the Burmese are eager for the world to know and see a different side. The people are as beautiful as the land and the food is the best in SE Asia." - Ashley

"The town of Oia in Santorini is a magical place away from the hubbub of the capital of Fira. Best sunsets ever." - Jon

"One of the most beautiful places I have been to is the far north of Pakistan - up the Hunza valley on the Karakorum Highway to the Kunjerab Pass. Although the "highway" was barely two lanes that may plummet into the valley at any moment, it was a breathtaking journey among wonderful people. Is it safe to travel there today?" - Deborah

"We took a Jewish Tour of Lisbon and other Jewish sites in Portugal. The Pousadas, the people and the food were nothing short of magical. It was really wonderful to see the places where my Jewish ancestors came from." - Francisco

"I found Rio to be an eye-opening delight. Standing atop Sugarloaf Mountain in the heart of the City, one is amazed to see water all over the place! Between the sea, the various Bays, and a major lake, water views span fully two-thirds of the panorama. And then there is the famous Christ statue in the distance. And of course, the beaches. Altogether: Wow!" - Peter

"May sound trite, but Rome." - Sunny

"I'd like to take the Trans-Siberian Train from Moscow to Vladivostok. It would be an 11 day train ride and I believe it's train No. 1." - Val

"Tuscany. With the UN requirement as a World Heritage site the ancient stone construction is amazing, the food is simple but delicious, the wine of course and by far their greatest assets are the native Tuscans. Honest amazing place." - Richard

"Ukraine. One of my best memories was backpacking in Podilliya, where I was able to see the Khyotyn Fortress and Kamyanets-Podilsky castle. The ability to wander around these fortresses open-ended was something rare. Additionally, the Ukrainian countryside is gorgeous."

"Wieliczka cathedral salt mine." - Jeff


"Festivals? Yachats OR Celtic Music Festival - Great music, sweet town, good food .... a day's (beautiful) drive from SF up 101." - Lezlie

"The Garifuna Settlement Day Festival in mid-November in Dangriga, Belize is a glorious event filled with happiness, drumming, dancing and amazing sea food!" - Adam


"Paris during summer solstice is amazing, bands playing outside throughout the city with people dancing in the streets." - Leslie