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Are you considering travel to a poor country? How do you know if your tourist dollars will support the local people or hurt them? Every year, Berkeley-based Ethical Traveler selects the 10 developing nations it thinks do the best job of promoting human rights, preserving the environment and creating a community-based tourism industry. Ethical Traveler has just released its list. We'll discuss why people should head to these countries, and the ethics of tourism. What considerations do you make when you choose where and how to travel?

Ethical Travel's 10 Best Ethical Destinations for 2013

Countries listed In alphabetical order:



Cape Verde

Costa Rica *


Jeff Greenwald, executive director of Ethical Traveler, monologist and author of books including "Snake Lake"

Malia Everette, founder of Altru Vistas, which provides mid-size loans to local communities to get involved in the tourism industry, former director of Reality Tours at Global Exchange and board member of Ethical Traveler

Christy Hoover, chief researcher for Ethical Traveler



Latvia *

Lithuania *

Mauritius *

Palau *


Uruguay *

(* = also appeared on our 2012 list)