The Dropout Crisis: From Castlemont High

at 9:00 AM
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Nearly one-quarter of American high school students drop out before they graduate. In Oakland, the problem is even worse: more than 35 percent of high school students in the city don't reach graduation. Dropouts are exposed to an uncertain future with higher rates of crime, poverty and health problems than their peers with diplomas. In a special live broadcast from Oakland's Castlemont High School, we discuss the dropout challenge with educators and students.


Aryn Bowman, acting principal for East Oakland Schools of the Arts, one of three "small schools" on the campus of Castlemont High School

Edson Gonzalez, student, age 17, at the Castlemont Business and Information Technology School

AlyKhan Boolani, 10th grade math and world history teacher and "school culture leader" at East Oakland School of the Arts

Sagnicthe Salazar, restorative justice and school culture coordinator at the Castlemont Business and Information Technology School