Future of Bay Area Pro Sports

at 10:00 AM
 (Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images)

The local professional sports landscape has rarely looked so uncertain. Will the A's stay in Oakland, get the green light to move to San Jose, or will they leave the Bay Area entirely? Can Oakland hold on to the Warriors and Raiders? And what about the 49ers' plans to move to Santa Clara? Our sports experts assess the rumors and pick the likely winners and losers.


Glenn Dickey, sports columnist for the San Francisco Examiner, former member of The San Francisco Chronicle sports staff (1963-2005) and author of books including "Champions," a history of the Oakland A's

Susan Slusser, staff writer for The San Francisco Chronicle where she covers the Oakland A's, and vice president of the Baseball Writers' Association of America

Mark Purdy, columnist for The San Jose Mercury News

Steve Weakland, director of corporate communications for the San Francisco 49ers

Larry Baer, president and chief operating officer of the San Francisco Giants