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Neuroscientist Rahul Jandial Explains Why We Dream

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Rahul Jandial's new book is "This Is Why You Dream." (Bil Zelman)

Despite spending one third of our lives asleep, we know very little about why we dream. But in a new book brain surgeon and neuroscientist Dr. Rahul Jandial begins to peel back the mystery. He says that dreams may help us practice responding to threats, allow us to test different interpersonal scenarios, or serve as a sort of “nocturnal therapist, helping us digest and metabolize anxiety-provoking emotions.” We talk to Jandial about the neurobiology of dreams and what they contribute to our waking lives. Jandial’s new book is, “This Is Why You Dream.”


Dr. Rahul Jandial, surgeon and neuroscientist, City of Hope


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