Exploring the Stories of Mixed-Race Californians

at 9:00 AM
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Kip Fulbeck is a photographer whose photo projects are a platform for mixed-race folks to answer the question "What Are You?" in their own voices.  (Kelly Ma/KQED)

More than 2 million Californians identified as more than one race in the 2020 Census. KQED’s California Report Magazine has launched a series to capture the varied experiences of those straddling multiple races. KQED’s Sasha Khokha and Marisa Lagos join Forum to talk about their series, Mixed! Stories of Mixed Race Californians, and both of their experiences growing up in mixed-race families and now raising children in their own multi-racial marriages.


Marisa Lagos, politics correspondent, KQED; co-host, KQED's Political Breakdown show

Sasha Khokha, host, The California Report Magazine on KQED

Dr. Jennifer Noble, psychologist, educator and coach for families with mixed-race kids