Biden May Revive Family Detention Policies to Handle Migration, Asylum Issues

at 10:00 AM
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 (Herika Martinez via Getty Images)

On the campaign trail, President Joe Biden promised a more compassionate approach to immigration that would roll back Trump administration policies. But the situation at the border, with swelling numbers of migrants fleeing authoritarian regimes and dire economic conditions, has forced the administration to consider more restrictive measures. Those include possibly reviving the policy of detaining migrant families who cross the border illegally. We’ll talk about Biden’s new policies and look at the situation at the border.


Tyche Hendricks, senior editor covering immigration, KQED

Deep Gulasekaram, professor of law, Santa Clara University. He teaches constitutional and immigration law and is co-author of the leading immigration law textbook used in U.S. law schools.

Kate Morrissey, immigration reporter, The San Diego Union-Tribune