Tapping into California’s Craft Beer Boom

at 9:00 AM
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 (Peter Cade via Getty Images)

Craft beer has a long history in California with breweries such as Anchor Steam that started in San Francisco in the mid-1800s and still brews there today. But lately, the industry has exploded. In the past decade the number of craft breweries in California has tripled to 1,100 – and growing.  It’s a competitive landscape out there for small, independent beer makers.  We’ll talk about what is driving the growth of craft beer in California, why IPAs still dominate beer lists and hear your picks for your favorite local brews.


Barry Braden, co-founder and owner, Fieldwork Brewing

Eric Ortega, craft beer specialist and taproom coordinator, Almanac Beer Company

Herlinda Heras, artisan beverage expert and co-host of Brew HaHa, a craft beer show, KSRO in Sonoma