Laguna Honda Hospital Has 60 Days to Move Over 600 Patients Before It Shuts Down. It’s Only Placed 48 So Far.

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Emma Zhou gazes out a window of a room as she waits to check in with Dr. Nancy Fung (not shown), Laguna Honda Hospital & Rehabilitation Center physical medicine and rehabilitation specialist, on Wednesday, April 26, 2017 in San Francisco, Calif.  (Lea Suzuki/The San Francisco Chronicle via Getty Images)

Laguna Honda Hospital opened up in 1866 to care for the city’s poor and indigent. Now over 150 years later, federal officials have threatened to shut the hospital, which operates as a skilled nursing facility, because of failed inspections prompted by two nonfatal drug overdoses that occurred onsite. In order to be recertified to operate, Laguna Honda must move out over 600 of its residents and has until September 13 to make that happen. So far, they have only moved 48 patients. What happened to the hospital and how will these patients be taken care of? We’ll discuss the ongoing situation at Laguna Honda and talk about what this situation says about how we care for our most vulnerable friends and neighbors


Sydney Johnson, public health reporter, San Francisco Examiner.

Tony Chicotel, Staff Attorney, California Advocates For Nursing Home Reform.

Jessica Lehman, executive director, Senior & Disability Action.

Roland Pickens, director of the San Francisco Health Network, a network of 13 clinics in SF, interim CEO of Laguna Honda Hospital, Laguna Honda Hospital.