The Vast, Various and Multicultural World of Bay Area BBQ

at 9:00 AM
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Photo taken in Leipzig, Germany (Kay Fochtmann via Getty Images)

In some parts of the country, barbecue is a fighting word. It launches hot debates on vinegar versus tomato-based sauce and the right ways to rub, spice and smoke. KQED Food editor Luke Tsai has a different take. His new series, BBQ in the Bay, highlights the region’s unique barbecue cultures from various traditions of cooking food outdoors over an open flame and how it brings communities together.  As part of Forum’s regular segment on food cultures of the Bay Area, called All You Can Eat, we’ll dish on Mongolian barbecue, lechon, barbacoa, barbecue oysters, brisket and much more.


Luke Tsai, food editor, KQED

Pendarvis "Pen" Harshaw, columnist, KQED Arts; host, KQED's "Rightnowish" podcast

Ray Castro, dentist in East Bay; amateur barbecue competitor

Rocky Rivera, emcee; writer; part of KQED's BBQ in the Bay series