Forum From the Archives: Why Garlic Noodles Are So Bay Area

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The iconic garlic noodles and roast crab at Thanh Long, the Vietnamese crab spot in the Outer Sunset. (Beth LaBerge, KQED)

When asked to name some of the Bay Area’s signature foods, many would jump to name Mission burritos, It’s-It ice cream sandwiches or — especially for tourists visiting San Francisco piers — clam chowder. KQED food editor Luke Tsai is adding another food to that list: garlic noodles. “Here in the Bay Area, Asian Americans love garlic noodles. Black and Latino folks love garlic noodles. Indeed, once you start looking for garlic noodles, it seems, you find them everywhere,” Tsai writes in his recent article. So what’s behind the love for this dish born in San Francisco’s Vietnamese community? We’ll talk to Tsai about how garlic noodles became one of the Bay Area’s most iconic foods.


Tiffany Carter, founder and chef, Boug Cali

Luke Tsai, food editor, KQED