How to Heal From Burnout in Time for Re-Entry

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As people resume pre-pandemic activities and a number of workers return to offices, some are dealing with pandemic hangovers in the form of burnout.The term “burnout” gained prevalence in recent years to describe when someone feels exhausted, ineffective and unmotivated to do activities they once enjoyed. Experts say this state, often caused by chronic stress, can affect workers at all levels and occupations and won’t be fixed by time off or even outright quitting. We’ll talk about burnout and how to heal from it, and we want to hear your experiences. Email us at or leave a voicememo at 415-553-3300.


Jessica Louie, burnout coach and host, "The Burnout Doctor Podcast"

Cait Donovan, burnout expert and host of "Fried: The Burnout Podcast"