Journalist Jane Coaston Wants to Know What You're Arguing About

at 10:00 AM
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Journalist Jane Coaston hosts "The Argument" podcast for The New York Times. (Lexey Swall for The New York Times)

The New York Times Opinion’s weekly podcast “The Argument” -- a place for “Strongly-held opinions. Open-minded debates. Only occasional yelling” -- has a new host in politics journalist Jane Coaston. Coaston, who previously reported for Vox and has covered conservatism and the American right for years, writes “things on the program might get awkward, and that’s the whole point.” For her debut episode, Coaston and guests debate a contentious issue: whether the Senate should get rid of the filibuster. We’ll talk to Coaston about the show and the meaning of a productive argument in an era of political tribalism and widespread disinformation. We’ll also get her take on the latest politics news.


Jane Coaston, host, The New York Times Opinion's podcast "The Argument"