Electoral College in the Spotlight

at 9:00 AM
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A multilingual "Vote here" sign is displayed as a woman pushes a stroller out of the voting room at Christ Lutheran Church in Monterey Park, Los Angeles County, on November 6, 2012. (FREDERIC J. BROWN/AFP via Getty Images)

After election ballots are cast, the spotlight turns to the Electoral College with its 538 electors.  Unlike most elections in the U.S., the presidency is decided not directly by voters, but by members of the Electoral College, who are assigned based on the results of the popular vote in each state.  In this hour, we break down the role of the Electoral College and hear why there’s ongoing debate over its relevance.   


Bertrall Ross, chancellor's professor of law, UC Berkeley

Jesse Wegman, author of "Let the People Pick the President"

Tara Ross, author, "Why We Need the Electoral College"