U.S. Seeing Surge of Get-Out-the-Vote Enthusiasm

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A California volunteer fills out an election postcard to a registered voter in Florida on October 17, 2020 in Venice, California. (Rodin Eckenroth/Getty Images)

Every election cycle includes “Get Out the Vote” campaigns, but the 2020 election is seeing extraordinary levels of voter enthusiasm, engagement and messaging -- even amidst the pandemic. Research shows that the U.S. lags behind most other democratic countries when it comes to voter turnout. This year, however, states across the country are shattering early voting records, signaling the potential for historic turnout. We’ll talk about the strategies and push to get out the vote in 2020.


Mindy Romero, founder and director, Center for Inclusive Democracy, formerly the California Civic Engagement Project, a non-partisan research center at the University of Southern California

Kate Kelly, reporter, New York Times

Karla Zombro, field director, Million Voters Project