Learning to Deal with Uncertainty... Through Poker

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Maria Konnikova (Neil Stoddart and PokerStars)

After a spate of bad luck led her to question the nature of chance, journalist Maria Konnikova began learning about poker. Konnikova -- who holds a doctorate in psychology--was curious about how the game hones players’ ability to distinguish between what is within and outside of our control.  Under the tutelage of an expert, she became a professional player and entered the World Series of Poker, a competition with a $10,000 entry fee. The experience shaped her new book, “The Biggest Bluff.”  Konnikova joins us to talk about the book, her year-long journey from novice to professional poker player, and what poker can teach us about the role of skill and chance in our lives.


Maria Konnikova, journalist; professional poker player; author, "The Biggest Bluff: How I learned to Pay Attention, Master Myself, and Win"