When Social Movements Meet Consumer Culture

at 9:30 AM
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A hair brand's billboard was spray painted with the phrase "Black Lives Matter!" in Los Angeles. The brand's owner, Jen Atkin, came out in support of the addition to the company's ad. (Jen Atkin via Instagram)

As protests continue across the country, many companies and public figures have released statements on social media to speak out against racism and police brutality and express solidarity with protestors -- to a mixed response. Some of those statements don’t necessarily align with corporate policies or previous behavior. Critics are labeling these acts “performative allyship” and calling on companies to take action by donating to anti-racism causes instead. We’ll look at the idea of “solidarity” on social media and in our consumer culture.


E. Alex Jung, senior writer, New York Magazine

Rebecca Jennings, reporter on internet and pop culture, The Goods at Vox