Artificial Intelligence Rules the World in Gish Jen's 'The Resisters'

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Gish Jen's new novel, The Resisters, presents a futuristic world in which automation and artificial intelligence take over.  (Basso Cannarsa)

In her latest novel, “The Resisters,” Gish Jen creates a futuristic world where machines use artificial intelligence to control, track, and predict human behavior. In it, a baseball prodigy navigates a society that puts people in strict categories and functions. Machines do most of the jobs, which turns employment into a luxury. Those with jobs live on high ground that has not been flooded while the jobless live on 3-D printed houseboats. Jen joins us to discuss how she crafted a distant -- or perhaps not too distant -- future where humans automated humanity for convenience but which becomes a nightmare.



Gish Jen, author of "The Resisters."