Rebroadcast: Bills Attempt to Reach California Housing Goals Through Accessory Dwelling Units

at 10:00 AM
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California recently approved bills that allow for single-family homeowners to build accessory dwelling units, or ADUs, on their respective properties. (Photo: Aiselin82/iStock/Getty Images)

California leaders want the state to build half a million new homes each year until 2025 — a rate of housing construction that has never happened before. Some legislators think we could help reach this goal by easing the path for single-family homeowners to build accessory dwelling units, often called “in-law” or “granny flats,” on their property. To that end, the state just approved a number of bills that allow construction of backyard units and garage conversions. We’ll hear about the bills, and find out why some residents are worried that the changes will negatively impact the character of single-family neighborhoods.


Karen Chapple, professor of city and regional planning, UC Berkeley

Liam Dillon, reporter, Los Angeles Times

Susan Kirsch, founder and former president, Livable California

Steve Vallejos, president, prefabADU