California Lawmakers Consider Eliminating 'Poverty-Related' Car Tows

at 9:00 AM
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Rep. David Chiu has introduced legislation that would ban towing cars for "poverty related" reasons like unpaid parking tickets or being parked in the same spot for more than 72 hours.  (Photo: Sam Harnett/KQED)

On Monday State Assemblyman David Chiu announced legislation banning towing cars for “poverty-related” infractions such as parking in the same spot for more than 72 hours or having more than five unpaid parking tickets. Supporters of the measure say the cost of retrieving a towed vehicle can be devastating for those struggling financially and can result in job loss for people who have no other reliable transportation to work. We’ll talk to Chiu about his proposal and we want to hear from you: what do you think of banning "poverty-related" tows?


David Chiu, represents District 17, California State Assembly