Citing FEMA Funding, Paradise Disallows RVs on Uncleared Property

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A Red Cross worker surveys the destruction in Paradise. (Photo: Danielle Venton/KQED)

Paradise officials have rescinded an emergency ordinance that allowed property owners to temporarily live in trailers or RVs on their burned-out land. The move came after the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) warned that the town risked losing $1.7 billion in cleanup funds if it allowed people to live on properties with debris or hazardous material. We'll discuss the decision and hear what options people have in a region with a severe housing shortage.

Some Camp Fire Survivors Must Leave Their Properties. But Where Will They Go? (KQED News)


Sonja Hutson, reporter, KQED News

Michael Jenkins, lives in an RV on uncleared land in Paradise

Ken Higginbotham, Federal Emergency Management Agency, spokesperson

Melissa Schuster, Paradise town council member; lives in an RV on her burned-out property