The Rising Popularity Of Astrology, Tarot and Herbalism

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Natural gemstones, white sage and incense on wooden board. (humonia/iStock)

With Mercury going retrograde at the end of this month, we're talking about the rise in popularity of astrology, tarot, herbalism and other practices that have been long labeled as the occult. What's driving the resurgence of these practices in the 21st century and what are some of the reasons young people are particularly drawn to it? We'll talk about how for some people it's are a form of spiritual activism. How and why do you use astrology, herbs or tarot in your daily life?

Julie Beck,
journalist, The Atlantic
Chani Nicholas, astrologer, Chani Nicholas
Alejandra León, tarot reader and numerologist, The Lioness Oracle
Berenice Dimas, herbalist, doula and founder, Hood Herbalism and Bruja Tip