Police Commission, Police Union at Odds Over Taser Rules

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Perpignan's city policemen pose during the presentation of their new equipment (flak jacket, tonfa baton, tazer and semi-automatic pistol) on April 18, 2017 in Perpignan.  (Photo: Raymond Roig/AFP/Getty Image)

Tasers are coming to the San Francisco police force, one way or another. The San Francisco Police Commission finalized their policy for conducted energy devices, commonly called Tasers, in March. But that didn't stop the San Francisco Police Officers Association from campaigning for Proposition H, which would pass less restrictive rules for Taser use. The competing approaches come at a time when the Police Commission doesn't have enough members to constitute a quorum -- the Board of Supervisors recently rejected two of Mayor Mark Farrell’s nominations -- and amid speculation that Police Chief William Scott might decamp for Los Angeles to become that city's police chief.

Alex Emslie,
reporter, KQED News