The Hustle: Bay Area
Artists & Their Money

For 'The Hustle,' we ask Bay Area artists how they make ends meet in one of the most expensive regions in the United States.
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How Artists 'Hustle' to Stay in the Bay Area

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Sasha Kelley, pictured in West Oakland with daughter Ameenah, 3, works to support other single-mom artists in the Bay Area. (Graham Holoch)

An artist's income doesn’t stretch far in San Francisco, where the median price to rent a single bedroom apartment is now at $3,400. A new KQED Arts series, "The Hustle," sheds light on how artists manage to live—and stay—in the pricey Bay Area. We'll hear about the series and talk with local artists about how they make ends meet, including a jazz musician who runs a startup fruit business, and an opera librettist who babysits to make rent.

Theo Alvarez, jazz pianist
Megan Cohen, playwright and opera librettist
Sasha Kelley, photographer
Gabe Meline, senior editor, KQED Arts

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